Facts about Israel

I'm flying out of SFO tomorrow morning on US Airways. I have one layover in Philidelphia, and then it's a straight shot to Tel Aviv, where I'll arrive Tuesday afternoon.

Some interesting things you might like to know about Israel:
  1. Instant messaging, cell phones, solar water heaters, Uzis, USB flash drives, cherry tomatoes, single drip irrigation (my favorite), Rummikub, and artificial gills were invented there.
  2. I do have family there, on both my mother's and father's sides. All my family there lives in the suburbs of Tel Aviv.
  3. Israel is technically at peace with both Jordan and Egypt, but it is a cold peace and these nations are far from allies of Israel. All other neighboring countries are not at peace with Israel. They do not trade, speak, or work with Israel; from time to time they attack Israel with military force. Indeed, just last month Lebanese snipers shot into Israel, killing one Israeli officer and wounding another.
  4. Direct peace talks between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Mahmoud Abbas begin on Thursday, September 2nd. If we are to be honest, the sought-out results of a two state solution and long term peace will not be realized, but communication is the vital first step in the peace process and communication had stopped for far too long.
  5. Schwarma (SHWORM-uh) and falafel are the hamburgers of Israel. Schwarma is better than falafel, if you ask me.
  6. Israel has about 7.5 million inhabitants. An estimated 75% of that population was Jewish as of December 2009.
If you have questions about Israel, or my opinions, that were not answered above, comment below with your question and it will be answered.