Up in the Air

  I’m typing this from the second leg of my flight to Israel. I am sitting next to a girl named Yasmin (yahz-MEEN), with whom I have been practicing my Hebrew. She has taught me several slang phrases, such as “בכיף” (ba-KEFF) which means “cool."
  My Hebrew is a lot better than I thought it would be. I have been able to speak near-normally to Yasmin in Hebrew, even if in short and simple sentences. Once my classes begin and I am required to speak Hebrew in and out of class, I imagine I will start to regain my Hebrew much more quickly.
  The food is terrible on this flight and the individual entertainment systems don’t work well but the staff has been very helpful.
  We land in about an hour, when I will meet all the other Nativers for the first time and receive my cellular phone. Oh how exciting!