80/20 Rule Revisited

Also called the Pareto Principle, Brian Tracy's 80/20 Rule says that 20% of the items on your to-do list account for 80% of your successes in business or life. Pareto applied it to other things, too, like the fact that 20% of people had 80% of the wealth in society. It works for a fantastic number of things if you're willing to round generously.

20% of your life experiences account for 80% of your strong memories, 20% of the books you read account for 80% of the valuable things you learn, and so on.

This is interesting, but is it helpful? Tracy claims you can figure out which items on your to do list (or bucket list or reading list) will fall into the potent 20% and only do those. Insofar as this is identical to prioritizing, I think it makes sense, but I'm skeptical that you can tell which of your projects will succeed and which will fail or that tasks fall neatly into one of any two categories.

Right now, I have a job I'm finishing up from the past semester, looking for a job for the summer, running the Lunatic (CU's humor magazine), teaching myself Python, and trying to start a new business. That's five work-related things. Which is the one which will account for more personal success than all the others put together?

I really don't know. One of them well might become a tremendous success, but I can't tell which right now.


Just got back from Los Angeles last night. Travelling always messes with my habits, so it's going to be a couple days before I get them all restarted.