Podcast update

I'm migrating from Soundcloud to PodBean to host my files because I had upload problems with Soundcloud, too small an upload limit, and no RSS 2.0 support. The PodBean widgets aren't nearly as classy so I'll work on toning them down, but they do work, which is huge. Now I can get my podcast into iTunes, too, so keep your eyes open for that.

This is just a repost of the same story I posted earlier in the week. I've also uploaded the companion episode I promised below.

The next step is to get a nice microphone, maybe one that hooks up to my cell phone so I can play around with doing videos. Ultimately I'd love to have nice sounding 1080p videos on YouTube. I just don't have any of the tech I would need to do that. I don't have the camera, the mic, the software, or the computer. I'll just keep taking it one step at a time.