Comedy is Not Art

Comedy is no more "art" than advertising, journalism, or taking a dump. Yes, all these things bear a resemblance to art. They may require imagination, creativity, or attention to detail.

Yet art must be art for its own sake. It can have no higher or lower purpose than to be art, than to be an expression of beauty, dreams, emotion. Comedy, though it may express these things, is concerned with producing something. The fact that it has the goal of making people laugh means that it is not art. Art has no goals.

Comedy is greedy. It can't stand on its own. It needs an audience to laugh at it. Art is giving. It merely shares a sense of wonder or regret and asks nothing in return. To give is enough for art. To have created art is enough for the artist.

Wouldn't it be great to be an artist and make your life your masterpiece? To give beauty, share your dreams, express your emotion. To let that be enough.

Sounds kickass, I guess. For my part, I'd rather just get those laughs.