For the Love of All that is Good and Right in the World

When you're working, here's how you should work. It's so simple and yet so easy to screw up.
  • Focus: when you're working, work. Do not permit yourself any distractions from the task at hand. You will thank yourself for your Draconian discipline.
  • Break: take at least a 3 minute break every half hour. And get your ass up off that chair when you do. Walk around, have some water or a snack, and keep your body moving.
  • Pause: reaffirm your commitment to the task. Remind yourself that you are doing this because you want to do this.
  • Focus: when you're working, work.
Stick to this all day on interesting tasks at the edge of your ability and I guarantee you'll hit flow by lunch.

That's all. Go do it.

Updated: Literally within 15 seconds of posting this I opened Feedly and saw this post by Shane Parrish. He goes into more depth on why working in this manner is so damn effective.