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Some interesting things about me:
  • Worked for a U.S. Congresswoman, Anna Eshoo.
  • Was briefly interviewed on the The Today Show.
  • Reads about 52 books per year.
  • Rode over 100 brutal, hilly miles in one day.
  • Overcame chronic (possibly psychosomatic) GI disorder through stress relief practice.
  • Lived in Israel for a year and has traveled to at least 15 countries. Not sure exactly how many.
  • Played the John Cleese character in Dead Parrot and Cheese Shop in a school play.
  • Finished 2nd in a 4th grade spelling bee. Got out on "diffirent."
  • Finished 2nd in a donut eating contest despite the man in the next chair throwing up donuts the whole time. True story.
Welp, that's about it.